Paintings for UNESCO Conference

This series of six (+1) paintings, entitled

“Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace”

was conceived and painted for exhibition at the UNESCO Conference
“Prospects for Conservation and Development of Unitary Planetary Civilization”
in Moscow, Russia, in May, 2002

(Acrylic on canvas; 4.5“ x 6“)

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“Please come.”

Material man awakens to the larger reality that
love energy is the force that empowers our universe.
Perhaps science can tell us how the cosmos functions,
but only the soul can tell us why it exists.

“This is the time you have been waiting for.”

We must recall that even in the material universe,
time is at once cyclical and harmonic.
The Mayan legacy points toward the years 2012-2013
as the culmination of a 52,000 year cycle,
which humanity has experienced as “history,”
is already giving way to an expanded human perception
encompassing all time simultaneously.

“You will find it easy to do
the work we have requested of you.”

Our gestation in the fluid womb of Gaia is complete.
Humanity is now being reborn—in absolute love—
as one multi-faceted soul. The key to an easy birth
is to relax into the experience.

“We are all one.
You are loved.
You are safe.”

As our awareness expands to the true knowledge
of ultimate unity of all space and time,
all fear will transmute into ecstasy. Once again,
we will have knowledge of all the ancient secrets.

“You will accomplish what you set out to do.
You will know everything you need to know,
when you need to know it.”

Every aspect of our experience leads to this moment.
The web of the universe is spun and re-spun in each
moment to make a cradle for our collective birth.

“And why not you?”

Hold these ancient promises in your heart and mind, and
gather courage from them. Of course you must participate:
You are, at once, both the process and the product.

This painting has no name. It was made several years
after the others. In those years, the six had never
been exhibited all together. The vision for this
painting came when the other six were finally shown
in one place. The image is literally a "turning point"
because the painting is vertical rather than horizontal
like the others.

Artist’s Statement

These images move through a spectrum of human consciousness—from the awakening of the Self out of the material dream, through finding the Self in myriad aspects, and finally, losing the Self again in wonder.

This is a spiritual journey out of the city, across Gaia’s oceans and continents, to Altai—where the mystical Shambhala dwells in the edges of our consciousness, and the great life-sustaining umbilical cord to the Sun, represented in human cultures as the Tree of Life, is rooted into the Earth.

The series represents an actual quest undertaken by the artist beginning in 1998, when she was invited in a dream to the Altai Mountains in Siberia, to open an energy vortex and translate the Tablets of Light.

The translation of the Tablets of Light is an iteration—a writing down—of ancient wisdom to which all humanity must reawaken in this prophesied time. The individual titles of all the paintings, taken together, are the text—a translation—of the tablets which exist only as light.

There is an interesting postscript to the exhibition of these paintings.

At the conference, the six were divided into two sub-groups—the “blues” and the “reds.” The three “blues” were hung inside the exhibition hall. The three “reds” were hung outside in the hallway, where they really could not be seen very well. Mystics at the conference told me that this separation of the paintings was indicative of the separation of science from spirituality, and that the conference had not succeeded in unifying them.

Full-color reproductions of these paintings have been published in a booklet with six corresponding poems by author/artist Carol Hiltner, entitled Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace (available below).

After the conference, the paintings were left in the safe-keeping of the conference chairwoman, and they were again hung in the two groups in different rooms.

In Autumn 2004, the first opportunity arose to publicly exhibit the paintings all together at the Svet Center in Moscow, and to perform a healing ceremony to bring metaphorically bring together science and spirituality. However, when we went to retrieve the paintings, which were now in storage, three of them were missing. We performed the ceremony anyway, projecting photographs of the images onto a screen. During that event, I received a seventh and completing image, which was vertical, whereas the others are horizontal. I painted that during the next month, while I was in Moscow.

Meanwhile, I understood from my “guidance” that I should re-paint the missing paintings, to tangibly re-make the whole. I did this during January 2005 in Seattle, and brought the paintings to Moscow in Spring 2005 where all seven were physically exhibited together for two and a half months in the main lobby of the Russian People's Friendship University.

A group from the Svet Center came to the opening, and ceremonially reaffirmed the unity of science and spirit, sealed with the magical seventh painting.

The full-color booklet Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace can be purchased here for $10.

Fulfillment of the Prophesies: Redemption and Grace is also available in Russian.
If you wish to order the Russian version, please contact the